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  1. 22/09/2023

    Better understanding of storm surges in the future: the impact of a warmer climate

    Due to rising sea levels and changes in storms, floods from the sea are expected to become more frequent in the coming decades. How the probability of a storm surge will change as a result of climate change has been studied by an international team, led by Deltares expert Sanne Muis and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
  2. 01/09/2023

    Acting for science and policy: Deltares bridges the gap at World Water Week and Vienna Water Conferences

    The global water crisis challenges our current paradigms for water management, and urgently calls for action and innovation in science and policy. The UN 2023 Water Conference, which took place in New York earlier this year, was a moment to spur much-needed water action. This urgency was reiterated last week during the World Water Week in…
  3. 31/08/2023

    Linking sea-level research with local planning and adaptation needs

    Studies on sea-level rise often claim to be useful for local decision-makers and adaptation planning. However, which results are most useful for local to global decision-making and what can researchers do to improve the utility of their findings? Researchers from Deltares, WorldBank, UC Berkeley and Utah State University gave their view on this…
  4. 22/08/2023

    Research into link between droughts and wildfires

    In collaboration with WUR, Deltares has launched a study into the link between drought levels and the likelihood of wildfires in the Netherlands. Increasingly, wildfires last longer and affect larger areas. The recent large fires in Canada and Catalonia are cases in point. Earlier this year, there were also wildfires in our dune areas, and in…
  5. 01/08/2023

    RA2CE Tool: Innovative Geohazard tool accelerates and optimises emergency response in Nepal

    A few weeks ago, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and Disaster Preparedness Network Nepal (DPNet) unveiled the RA2CE tool, aimed at improving emergency response in Nepal.
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  6. 27/07/2023

    Bart van den Hurk elected as co-chair IPCC Working Group II

    Professor Bart van den Hurk, Scientific Director at Deltares, has today been elected as co-chair for the 7th Assessment Cycle of the IPCC’s Working Group II. The vote took place during the 59th IPCC plenary meeting in the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Programme in Nairobi, Kenya.
  7. 20/07/2023

    Reclaiming narratives for open climate adaptation futures

    Narratives of the future matter in climate adaptation. The narrative that certain areas will inevitably become uninhabitable due to sea level rise is powerful but may silence important debate about alternative climate adaptation futures. This is the conclusion of a paper published today in Nature Climate Change by researchers from Deltares,…
  8. 30/06/2023

    Knowledge and new delta technology are crucial for a climate-resilient business climate in the future

    Unfortunately, financing for the ‘ReThink The Delta’ proposal has not been approved by the National Growth Fund. The work done to produce the proposal generated a lot of inspiration and team spirit. We will be developing the philosophy further on the basis of the feedback and by working closely with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management.
  9. 26/06/2023

    Anniversary symposium 'Managing with water and soil'

    Deltares celebrates 15 years! A special milestone that we celebrated with an anniversary symposium 'Managing with water and soil'. Three experts from Deltares, Marta Faneca, Thomas Bles and Ruben Dahm, told their inspiring stories about how densely populated deltas can remain liveable, sustainable and safe. “Look through the eyes of our children…
  10. 22/06/2023

    Smart use of sand to extend protection against sea level rise

    The possibility of a much faster rise in sea levels poses major challenges for the Netherlands. An adaptive and flexible response to future sea level rise is an innovative way to prepare for that uncertain future. One way to go about this is coastal maintenance in the form of sand nourishments. Two recent studies by Deltares and partners, one of…
  11. 09/06/2023

    Nature Based Solutions for climate resiliency in Europe’s Atlantic region

    A consortium of 30 partners (in Denmark, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy) will soon kick-off the project ‘Nature Based Solutions for Atlantic Regional Climate Resilience’, a Horizon Europe call, funded by the EC under contract 101112836. The consortium is led by Deltares.
  12. 12/05/2023

    Smarter protection of quay walls through better understanding of propeller jets

    Port and waterway authorities usually protect their infrastructure, such as quays and berths at locks, from erosion caused by ship propellers by installing bed protection. Recent research is improving the way the behaviour of currents caused by ship propellers during mooring and berthing is mapped with new measurement techniques and advanced…
  13. 21/04/2023

    Land Subsidence and Foundations Knowledge Centre officially opened on April 21 at TISOLS

    The Land Subsidence and Foundations Knowledge Centre was officially opened today at the Tenth International Symposium on Land Subsidence (TISOLS). TISOLS is an international scientific congress about land subsidence. The Netherlands is hosting the symposium again after almost thirty years. Land subsidence experts from throughout the world…
  14. 14/04/2023

    IPCC data on coastal flood risk on BlueEarth

    The recent IPCC report states that sea level rise poses a distinctive and severe adaptation challenge. It implies dealing with slow onset changes and increased frequency and magnitude of extreme sea level events, which will escalate in the coming decades. Such adaptation challenges would occur much earlier under high rates of sea level rise. Data…
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