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  1. 04/01/2023

    Global water data now easily accessible on the BlueEarth Data platform

    Water-related hazards – like flooding, drought, pollution and other related issues – are a serious global risk, causing loss of life and damage to property, livelihoods, human health and economies. Economic growth, urbanisation and climate change will exacerbate the risks at many locations in the world. For example, flood risks are often…
  2. 21/12/2022

    Sustainability of fresh groundwater resources in fifteen major deltas around the world

    Deltas are often densely populated areas with intensive agriculture. These areas increasingly rely on groundwater extraction to provide drinking water, to supply water for industry, and to irrigate crops, with groundwater salinisation and depletion as a result. Groundwater salinisation is further exacerbated by sea level rise. Knowledge about the…
  3. 20/12/2022

    Climate adaptation and mitigation can, and must, reinforce each other as much as possible

    Where should we be building now we are looking climate change in the face? Should we be investing in energy-intensive industries in low-lying areas of the Netherlands? How can cities be climate-resilient as they grow? Given the urgent challenge of climate mitigation, which has to accelerate in parallel with climate adaptation, policymakers and…
  4. 07/12/2022

    Important next step in application of olivine

    Olivine is an abundant mineral that is often described as a solution for capturing CO2. But how much of it should you use, is it safe and what is the effect on CO2 levels? The first expert model we established for this purpose has been validated and worked up in field trials. The relevant report has just been published.
    Health water, soil
  5. 07/12/2022

    New geohazard tool allows emergency responders to reach disaster areas more quickly and efficiently

    Every year, 108 million people fall victim to disasters arising due to extreme weather events. That is more than 6 times the total population of the Netherlands each year. Climate-related disasters include storms, floods, and extreme drought. Humanitarian emergency responders mobilise immediately after a disaster to provide necessary assistance…
  6. 07/12/2022

    Good and healthy groundwater, now and in the future

    In densely populated areas such as the Netherlands, more and more claims are being made on the subsurface. They involve drinking water supplies, housing, the energy transition, nitrogen emissions, sustainable agriculture and the protection of nature areas. The groundwater system and the ecosystems that depend on it are under increasing pressure…
  7. 24/11/2022

    Adopting a resilience lens in flood risk management

    An interdisciplinary group of experts from Deltares, other research institutes and universities argues in a new paper that extra elements must be added to flood risk management in order to make better decisions and develop strategies which enhance resilience and equity. Their view was published on 18 November 2022 in Nature Communications Earth…
  8. 21/11/2022

    PhD thesis: Towards global-scale compound flood risk modeling

    Coastal deltas are prone to flooding due to their low elevation and dense population. Flooding in these areas can occur from several causes, including pluvial, fluvial, and coastal drivers. However, floods can also occur or be exacerbated from interactions between these drivers, which by itself do not have to be extreme. If these drivers are…
  9. 14/11/2022

    Champions Group for Deltas & Coastal Areas launched at COP27

    Today, the Dutch ‘Champions Group for Deltas and Coastal Areas’ initiative was launched at COP27 in Egypt. The Champions are a group of countries facing huge challenges due to climate change, resulting in the need for large climate adaptation investments. Countries who are part of the Champions Group have agreed to share their knowledge and…
  10. 08/11/2022

    TO2: solutions for tomorrow as well as today

    We’re living in the midst of many complex social issues. From economic uncertainty and historical developments in the energy market to global warming, from a health crisis to sustainability. The applied research organisations that form part of TO2 provide practical results for solving problems both for tomorrow as well as today.
  11. 08/11/2022

    Difficult to prevent floods in Valkenburg; a cross-border management and monitoring plan is needed

    To what extent are we able to prevent future floods, as observed along the Geul river in the Dutch city of Valkenburg in the summer of 2021? Measures to retain water upstream in the catchment (also in Belgium) for a longer period will reduce damages to some extent but are not expected to have enough effect to prevent extreme floods in the city.…
  12. 01/11/2022

    What can I still do about the climate legacy?

    This week is National Climate Week. In my new blog I will discuss the climate heritage. Each generation receives a legacy from the previous one: arisen through ignorance, inability, powerlessness and unwillingness. The younger generations hold me accountable for the lack of progress, our greed and far too large a CO2 footprint. I feel partly…
  13. 01/11/2022

    Strategic research activity plan 2023 published

    Deltares has published the Activity Plan Mission-driven research 2023. It outlines the main lines of the Strategic Research that Deltares will carry out in 2023.
  14. 27/10/2022

    Clear information allows for more flood risk preparedness

    Residents in Limburg were not all well informed about possible flood risks and some were very surprised that floods could occur to this extent in their hometown. That is one of the conclusions of a study conducted by the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam and Deltares, following the July 2021 flood. Increasing risk awareness can lead citizens (and…
  15. 12/10/2022

    ROST takes silver at European Sea Sailing Championship with help from Deltares

    With the help of a flow model from Deltares and clever sailing, the Rotterdam Offshore Sailing Team (ROST) managed to achieve second place at the European Sea Sailing Championships on the Westerschelde near Breskens. Besides the young talent in the boat and good coaching of the sailing team, a decisive asset was knowledge about the currents in…