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  1. 14/04/2023

    IPCC data on coastal flood risk on BlueEarth

    The recent IPCC report states that sea level rise poses a distinctive and severe adaptation challenge. It implies dealing with slow onset changes and increased frequency and magnitude of extreme sea level events, which will escalate in the coming decades. Such adaptation challenges would occur much earlier under high rates of sea level rise. Data…
    Sea level rise
  2. 29/03/2023

    Sea level rise on the Dutch coast has increased

    In collaboration with the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), Deltares today presented the four-yearly report about the observed sea level on the Dutch Coast. Improved techniques for analysis were used to determine the effect of wind on sea level more accurately. The conclusions about sea level rise are therefore more robust. The…
  3. 24/03/2023

    International Panel on Deltas, Coastal Areas and Islands officially launched at UN 2023 Water Conference

    The International Panel on Deltas, Coastal Areas and Islands (IPDC) was officially launched at the UN 2023 Water Conference. The IPDC is a unique partnership, bringing together governments, financial institutions, scientific experts, and practitioners from around the world. During the event, ministers and high-level representatives from 12…
  4. 23/03/2023

    Flood risk ten times higher in many places over the world within 30 years

    After the North Sea Flood of 1953, it took nearly 45 years to finalize the Delta Works. If we want to protect The Netherlands against sea-level rise, we shouldn’t wait too long. But how much time do we have left? Researchers from Utrecht University, Deltares, and NIOZ, among others, devised a new method to calculate when we can expect a certain…
  5. 20/03/2023

    IPCC: measures are available for necessary and urgent climate action

    The Synthesis Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was presented today. The report marks the end of the sixth assessment cycle and integrates the special reports (such as SROCC) and the reports of Working Group 1 on climate change, Working Group 2 on climate impacts and adaptation, and Working Group 3 on climate mitigation.
  6. 16/03/2023

    New flagship report for the High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP)

    Deltares has published a new flagship report for the High-level Experts and Leaders Panel on Water and Disasters (HELP), entitled: Addressing Water-Related Disasters in an Era of Multiple Crises: Lessons from Global Responses to COVID and Climate Change.
  7. 14/03/2023

    New edition of Deltalife: How water affects the future

    A new edition of our online magazine Deltalife just came out. It is incredible that billions of people around the world have lacked access to clean and safe drinking water or sanitation for so long. At the UN conference in New York next week, this will be addressed. We interviewed Nathalie Olijslager, the Program Director on behalf of the Dutch…
  8. 14/03/2023

    Deltares at the UN 2023 Water Conference and New York Water Week: Connecting policy and science

    This week, leaders, and decision-makers from around the world will gather in New York for the UN 2023 Water Conference and the New York Water Week. This moment is a catalyst for action, so we can ensure for water security for all. Deltares will be present throughout the week, sharing our expertise, bringing together key stakeholders, and…
  9. 02/03/2023

    Floods in Southeast Asia better captured with satellite data over the past 8 years

    Home to over 250 million people, Southeast Asia is one of the most dynamic regions in the world. With growing economies, diverse landscapes and vibrant communities, Southeast Asia contributes to its region’s food security as well as a quarter of the world’s rice exports. The 3000 - kilometer- long Mekong River flows through different countries of…
  10. 20/02/2023

    Δ-Enigma funded by the Dutch Research Council

    Today the Dutch Research Council (NWO) announced that Δ-Enigma is one of the nine projects funded from the National Roadmap for Large-Scale Research Infrastructure budget. Δ-Enigma receives 16 million Euro and encompasses integrated infrastructure for observation, experimentation and modeling of river deltas by the DANUBIUS-NL consortium.
  11. 09/02/2023

    Dutch organisations combine knowledge about controlling salinisation in deltas

    Due to climate change, sea level rise and subsidence, the salinisation of the inland dike lands along the Dutch coast, but also in other deltas, is gradually increasing. This is due to an increase in the concentration of salt in the water system. As a result, the available amount of freshwater decreases. Salinisation also makes ground and surface…
  12. 07/02/2023

    IBM and Deltares refresh the Deltares Aquality App (former Nitrate App)

    In 2022, IBM selected Deltares for their Sustainability Accelerator, a corporate social responsibility program in which IBM works on worldwide sustainability. In this program, we are now working together on a major update of the award-winning Nitrate App. The focus is on optimizing the user experience to get more users to start and continue…
  13. 31/01/2023

    Dirk-Jan Walstra appointed to Board of Directors

    Dirk-Jan Walstra has been appointed to the Deltares Board of Directors in succession to Erik Janse and Ron Thiemann. He will take up his appointment from 1 February 2023. Erik Janse will retire in March. Ron Thiemann, who - just as Erik - has been a director at Deltares since its inception, will retire in June. Following Ron Thiemann's departure,…
  14. 17/01/2023

    Will urban water be ready for multiple uses by 2040?

    A new instrument has been developed to provide an answer to this question. On 17 January, Suzanne van der Meulen will receive her doctorate at Wageningen University for her thesis ‘Functional quality of urban surface water’. This thesis describes a new framework for the assessment of the functional quality of urban surface water.
  15. 04/01/2023

    Global water data now easily accessible on the BlueEarth Data platform

    Water-related hazards – like flooding, drought, pollution and other related issues – are a serious global risk, causing loss of life and damage to property, livelihoods, human health and economies. Economic growth, urbanisation and climate change will exacerbate the risks at many locations in the world. For example, flood risks are often…