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  1. 27/10/2022

    Clear information allows for more flood risk preparedness

    Residents in Limburg were not all well informed about possible flood risks and some were very surprised that floods could occur to this extent in their hometown. That is one of the conclusions of a study conducted by the Vrije Universiteit van Amsterdam and Deltares, following the July 2021 flood. Increasing risk awareness can lead citizens (and…
  2. 12/10/2022

    ROST takes silver at European Sea Sailing Championship with help from Deltares

    With the help of a flow model from Deltares and clever sailing, the Rotterdam Offshore Sailing Team (ROST) managed to achieve second place at the European Sea Sailing Championships on the Westerschelde near Breskens. Besides the young talent in the boat and good coaching of the sailing team, a decisive asset was knowledge about the currents in…
  3. 11/10/2022

    Flora and fauna flourish on Marker Wadden

    More and more plants and animals can be found on the islands of the Marker Wadden. They include rare species such as the long-tailed duck, the little gull and the corncrake. At the KIMA conference in Amsterdam tomorrow, researchers will present five years of research on the Marker Wadden.
    Health water, soil
  4. 29/09/2022

    We need to prepare now for the sea level rise of the future

    Meters of sea level rise are no longer a question of “if”, but “when”. For a low-lying country like The Netherlands, the impacts of sea level rise will be catastrophic if we don’t prepare now for the adaptation we will need in the future. In a recent study, Deltares explored options to sustain the Netherlands far into the future, with several…
    Sea level rise
  5. 27/09/2022

    Deltalife no.17 is online available!

  6. 12/09/2022

    PREPSOIL kick-off meeting

    This week the PREPSOIL kick-off meeting is about to take place on the 14th and 15th of September 2022 in Aarhus, Denmark. This first physical meeting provides an opportunity for the consortium to further discuss and plan the future activities for a successful implementation of the project. It will also provide a great opportunity for the…
  7. 07/09/2022

    Climate change and the consequences for water supplies in Europe

    It is dry and hot in Europe. According to the JRC (Joint Research Centre)[1], the present situation is one of the driest in the last 500 years for the rivers. The Rhine discharge at Lobith fluctuated around 700 m3/s from 16 to 23 August. That is extremely low and it has consequences for shipping and regional water supplies. In a warmer climate,…
  8. 02/09/2022

    New classification of the world’s coastlines to improve climate action

    We are proud to announce that we are releasing a new classification of the world’s coastlines to improve coastal climate change adaptation at local, regional and national level and strengthen coordinated climate action worldwide.
  9. 31/08/2022

    NieuweWarmteNu! to build collective heating systems thanks to Growth Fund

    With the help of 200 million euros from the National Growth Fund, NieuweWarmteNu! (NewHeatNow!) can phase out the use of natural gas by 26,000 homes and buildings, and over 800 acres of greenhouses. The Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate has decided to follow the recommendation of the Growth Fund committee and to invest in collective…
  10. 23/08/2022

    Drought key issue for Deltares at SIWI World Water Week 2022

    Deltares experts will attend the SIWI World Water Week 2022, hosting and contributing to sessions both online and in person. Drought will be a key issue for many of the sessions, which will look at how to tackle the issue from a range of different angles, including societal and governmental, geographical, resilience, and using nature-based solutions.
  11. 15/08/2022

    Communities around small reservoirs more vulnerable to climate extremes

    The water volume in small reservoirs is significantly more susceptible to seasonal and climate variability than larger reservoirs, leaving communities that rely on them more vulnerable to water scarcity and food insecurity, according to new research.
    Water supply
  12. 09/08/2022

    Louisiana Governor visits the Netherlands to exchange lessons on flood risk management

    This week Louisiana governor John Bel Edwards led a delegation of business and state leaders on an economic development, water management and resiliency mission to the Netherlands. The delegation visited Deltares and several flood risk management projects.
  13. 15/07/2022

    Capturing plastic effectively by looking at the water column as a whole

    The European project Maelstrom is looking for hot spots with plastic pollution. The objective is to remove as much plastic as possible from the water, recycle it and reuse it. Deltares is involved in research looking at the possibilities in an estuary in Northern Portugal. But before you start ‘fishing’, it’s a good idea to know where there is…
    Health water, soil
  14. 07/07/2022

    New global projections of tides and storm surge available based on high resolution climate models

    In the coming decades, the frequency of coastal flooding will increase due to sea-level rise and changes in climate extremes, putting the millions of people living in low-lying areas at risk. The increased flooding frequency will be driven by sea-level rise, but changes in storms that generate hazardous storm surges may contribute. To inform…
  15. 29/06/2022

    New study shows flood risk already affects 1.81 billion people

    In many places of the world, flooding is expected to increase in both frequency and intensity, jeopardizing development agendas of many countries. Researchers from the World Bank, Deltares and UCL found in a new study that almost one fourth of the world population (1.81 billion people) live in locations that are exposed to at least 0.15 meters of…