International missions at the heart of our work

We place great importance on the global, European, and Dutch missions such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and the EU’s Horizon Europe. These missions help determine our agenda in what we call mission-driven work. They constitute a starting point and source of inspiration in our day-to-day work. At the same time, they embody the long-term goals and impact on society that we target and where we want to make a difference.

The world is our ‘living lab’

The world is our ‘living lab’; the solutions we provide and the know-how we acquire internationally strengthens both our knowledge base and our ability to help people all over the world. We create impact through capacity building. Our holistic approach looks at a system as a whole, with social inclusion in all areas as an important aspect. Our work is both global and local, large and small-scale. Using integrated approaches, we design local solutions.

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