Asia is brimming with potential. Rich in diversity and home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, the region has gone through incredible economic and technological development, fuelled by a growing population and urbanisation.

However, many Asian countries are impacted by human activities and climate change. Temperatures in Asia are rising at twice the global average. Other consequences include worsening fluvial, coastal, and pluvial floods, droughts, environmental degradation, salinity intrusion, subsidence, erosion, or sedimentation problems.

This can have a severe impact on human life, the economy, and the environment. Climate action – including adaptation and mitigation – and sustainable development are therefore crucial. These challenges are also opportunities for new industries centred around the energy transition, for example in the areas of decarbonisation and renewable energy sources.

Comprehensive and innovative solutions

We believe that Asia’s scale, scope, diversity, and multifaceted nature requires a multi-disciplinary, innovative, and comprehensive approach. We offer highly specialised, cost-effective, and sustainable solutions.

Deltares’ expertise focuses on a range of areas, including forecasting and early warning, coastal, inland, and urban resilience, smart measuring and monitoring, real-time control of structures and asset management, and collaborative modelling. We also pioneer enabling technologies, such as AI, data science and earth observations, and high-performance computing.

With our specialised products we also focus on working with our partners to co-create nature-based solutions, which are often economically viable methods of dealing with the short-term consequences of climate change, such as flooding, whilst at the same time looking at long-term solutions and driving climate adaptation.

Local expertise, strategic partners

With over 1,200 research and specialist consultancy projects across 28 Asian countries, Deltares has extensive and proven experience across Asia.

We firmly believe that solving complex issues requires intensive collaboration. We work closely with international organisations, international financing institutions, local and national governments, businesses, other research institutes, and universities.

We also have key strategic partnerships, with whom we have long-established relationships. Our aim is to keep strengthening our existing partnerships, whilst at the same time building new ones so that together we can learn, innovate, and make an impact.

Deltares has branch offices in Singapore and Indonesia and a project office in Vietnam. These international offices play an important role in solving regional challenges and in understanding local contexts.

Dare to share

At Deltares we strongly believe in openness and transparency, and that sharing knowledge and innovative insights worldwide enables delta life. Our dare to share principle applies to all our clients and includes the software and tools we develop, as well as our specialised and tailor-made consultancy solutions. We are firmly convinced of the need for our work to be open source.

Our solutions tackle the climate challenges facing Asia, whilst balancing the socio-economic and ecological needs.

Projects in Asia

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