About Tjitte Nauta

Mr. Nauta has a broad experience in the fields of Integrated Water Management, WRM action planning, flood risk management, capacity building and mathematical modelling and monitoring studies. His consultancy experience as expert advisor and project manager at Deltares includes studies on mentioned aspects for freshwater and coastal water systems in numerous countries.

In 1991, Mr Nauta was employed for six months at the ‘Water Resources Department of ENSR Consulting and Engineering’ in Boston, USA.

In 1994/1995 Mr. Nauta was the resident project coordinator for the ‘Hangzhou Bay Environmental Study’ (carrying out environmental impact assessments with the Delft3D model), Hangzhou – P.R. of China (World Bank).

From 2000 – 2003 Mr. Nauta was the resident team leader on the Netherlands funded project ‘Sustainable Development of the Laguna de Bay Environment’ (Philippines).

From 2003 to 2006 Mr. Nauta was the resident WRM expert / team leader of the International Technical Assistance on the Netherlands funded ‘Central Cebu Water Resources Management through Integrated Development´ program (Philippines).

From 2007-2011 Mr. Nauta was the project manager of the ‘Marina Reservoir Predictive Water Quality Modelling project’ (Singapore), an ambitious project converting an estuarine system into a future reservoir. Delft3D water quality and ecological models were set-up and converted to fully operational management systems.

In addition to numerous Technical Reports, depicting the results of the various projects involved, Mr Nauta has authored and/or co-authored many papers on mentioned subjects at international conferences, in technical journals and reference books.

As Regional Manager for Asia and Oceania, Mr. Nauta is responsible for the research and commercial project development in the region.

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