Hydrodynamics and morphology 

Sound water and sediment management is essential for life in deltas worldwide. Processes such as sea level rise, flooding, drought and land subsidence put pressure on life in delta regions, and that process is also accelerated by climate change.

The Deltares hydrodynamics and morphology software makes the consequences of these processes clear so that scenarios, measures and policies can be developed to maintain the habitability of those deltas.

Software can also play an important role in the required energy transition, for example in the development of smart water management systems or the development of sustainable energy solutions such as offshore wind farms.

Water quality and ecology

Good chemical and biological water quality is essential for people and nature. Aquatic ecosystems are under pressure from pollution, interventions in the water system and climate change.

With the Deltares hydro software such as D-Water Quality, D-Emissions and HABITAT, you can simulate the water quality and ecology of surface water in scenarios describing the future and in response to interventions. 

Software products

Operational systems 

Water managers have a responsibility to respond in time to extreme hydrological conditions and to make well-considered decisions. Extreme weather events such as floods and droughts are increasingly frequent. Moreover, the impact of these extreme events is increasing, as is the pressure on already scarce water resources.

Deltares helps water managers to improve forecasting. We have integrated this knowledge into our Delft Flood Early Warning System (Delft-FEWS), which is used worldwide every day.

Delft-FEWS provides water managers with a platform that facilitates the efficient integration and processing of large datasets, and runs models in automated ways. This allows water managers to provide timely warnings about extreme conditions. 

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Geo-engineering and water defences 

Geo-engineering software plays a crucial role in the design, analysis and management of geo-engineering projects. Our software helps engineers to model complex soil behaviour, and therefore to predict potential failure and make informed decisions about the stability of structures and foundations.

It facilitates collaboration between project teams and provides a platform for sharing data and results, and tracking progress in real time.

In addition, it helps to ensure the safety and reliability of infrastructure projects, and gives geo-engineering experts the capacity they need to deliver their projects safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. 


Demand for fresh water worldwide is mounting due to the rising population and economic growth. Water systems around the world are under increasing pressure from climate change, sea level rise and land subsidence. The probability of more extreme weather conditions is rising and periods of drought are more frequently interspersed with intense rainfall and flooding.

The Deltares DHydrology Suite can be used to analyse how changes affect the water system. It is also possible to study measures that will make positive contributions to water security and the more sustainable management of groundwater and surface water to meet future challenges. 

Software products

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