The Gulf region has an incredible history of growth and innovation. It is also rich in renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind, and home to a wide range of (marine) biodiversity.

At the same time, climate change poses a real challenge to the region. Increasing temperatures, pressures on water supply, and extreme weather – including intense sand and dust storms – make the Gulf vulnerable to the effects of climate change. The Gulf, the world’s hottest sea, is getting hotter.

These challenges and vulnerabilities impact not just the environment and biodiversity, but also local communities and the economy. However, its abundance in renewable energy sources also offers potential. Green growth opportunities would allow the GCC and wider Gulf region to be at the forefront of the energy transition.

Extensive local experience and partnerships

With over 50 years’ experience in the region and work on several notable projects, Deltares has proven expertise in the Gulf. We also have a local presence, with a branch office in Abu Dhabi. This allows us to have a good understanding of local challenges and context, as we work with our clients and partners across the GCC and wider Gulf region to tackle these challenges and maximise opportunities.

We provide our clients with expert consultancy services in the fields of hydraulic and geotechnical engineering and software. Deltares also works closely with research institutes and universities in the region to further develop knowledge on the challenges and opportunities posed by climate change.

Sustainable and innovative solutions

Deltares has expertise across a range of areas, including the sustainable development and management of offshore and coastal zones, and in wider coastal zone management. We also focus on rivers, canals, inland waters, and estuaries. We are able to provide real-time water information to help with flood and hydrological forecasting. Our expertise also includes integrated water resources management.

Energy and infrastructure form part of our core expertise. We have extensive experience with resilient cities and urban resilience, resilient infrastructure (including planning, assessment and adaptation), and infrastructure renewal and renovation. In terms of energy, we offer advice on renewable energy and district cooling.

Our specialised products and solutions allow us to work with our partners to deliver nature-based solutions, thereby improving ecosystem health. We offer climate change impact analysis and adaptation and specialise in natural hazards and adaptation measures.

Dare to share

At Deltares we strongly believe in openness and transparency, and that sharing knowledge and innovative insights worldwide enables delta life. Our dare to share principle applies to all our clients and includes the software and tools we develop, as well as our specialised and tailor-made consultancy solutions. This includes our Delft3D software, open software-platforms such as Delft-FEWS, and the Gulf Community Model initiative. We are firmly convinced of the need for our work to be open source.

Our solutions tackle the challenges facing the Gulf, whilst at the same time helping tap into the region’s unique green growth potential.


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