About Robin Morelissen

Robin Morelissen is a senior researcher/consultant in the field of coastal hydrodynamics, intakes and outfalls and dredging-related topics. By carrying out many projects all over the world, he has developed a wide experience and in-depth knowledge in the fields of tidal and industrial outfall hydrodynamics, density driven flows, flushing analyses and (metocean) data analysis. In particular, Mr Morelissen is experienced in coupled near and far field modelling techniques (plume modelling) used in dredge plume studies and recirculation studies for industrial intakes and outfalls. Mr Morelissen has a key role in developments around the coupling of near and far field models and advanced modelling techniques in engineering practice.

Robin played a key role as a project manager in (multi-disciplinary) projects concerning studies for new reclamations, flushing studies, dredging (sediment dispersion) impact studies and recirculation studies. Mr Morelissen further coordinates the intake/outfall recirculation and coastal hydrodynamics team within Deltares to align the research and services in this field with the demands of the market.

Robin is the regional manager for the Middle East and Gulf Area.

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