A software suite that complements your existing numerical models

Your organisation has its own specific numerical models, procedures, and challenges. We understand the complexity involved. You need tools to tackle the broad range of complex situations that water management entails, such as crisis response, calculating river run-off, predicting dike failures, and understanding wind patterns. This can be achieved by leveraging the latest advances in artificial intelligence, big data, and numerical modelling. That is where Delft-FEWS comes in.

Delft-FEWS: fit for purpose

These days, forecasting relies on the power of community. Delft-FEWS is open software that provides the architecture and modular framework necessary to address your specific challenges. It allows you to link big data to your local area or learn from others’ experiences. As a global leader, Deltares is committed to sharing knowledge. The Delft-FEWS team organises courses, provides consultancy services, and welcomes you to our global community.

Delft-FEWS GLOFFIS Global Flow Forecasting Information System
Delft-FEWS GLOFFIS Global Flow Forecasting Information System

Flexible and modular

Delft-FEWS is known for its unique flexibility, compatibility, and modularity. The international community of flood forecasters using Delft-FEWS share with and learn from one another. Delft-FEWS also benefits from the knowledge resources at Deltares. It assists you in city planning, protecting people, forecasting floods, managing reservoirs, safeguarding water supplies, and tackling droughts.

Join us

Working with Delft-FEWS opens doors to new applications and a future where you can collaborate with a broader forecasting community to enable delta life. For more information, please visit our community platform, public wiki page, and watch this short video:

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