Europe is in a unique position in the fight against climate change. Increasingly, it faces the effects of climate change, with more extremes such as droughts and floods. The World Meteorological Organization has found that temperatures in Europe have increased at more than twice the global average over the past 30 years – the highest of any continent in the world. Furthermore, the IPCC predicts temperatures will rise in all European areas at a rate exceeding global mean temperature changes.

These challenges have resulted in common and ambitious climate change policy at the European Union level. This is an important driver for national policy and legislation, with impact on both governmental authorities and the private sector. With the Green Deal, EU leaders have set ambitious targets, and put climate adaptation at the heart of EU climate policy.

Other European countries are also prioritising climate change and adaptation strategies. The UK and Norway have each set ambitious emissions targets. Countries in the Western Balkans are also adopting the required legislation and strategies.

Europe has a unique and key role to play in climate action. Having to deal with the effects of climate change on one hand, European governments and institutions also have the ability to drive innovation and ensure that solutions and approaches related to urban and rural development, infrastructure, water, and energy are (cost) effective.

Driving innovation with our partners

Together with our clients and partners, Deltares is at the forefront of driving this innovation. With decades of experience across and an extensive network, we have a strong track record across Europe.

We closely follow the European Commission and work with it as a knowledge partner. Deltares is involved in research and innovation projects financed by the Directorate-General (DG) for Research and Innovation, frequently acting as coordinator of large research consortia.

Deltares has several framework contracts and service contracts, including with DG Environment and DG for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries. We also take part in the European Topic Centre on Inland Coastal and Marine waters (ETC ICM) consortium of the European Environmental Agency.

We are an active member of key networks, including Euraqua, WSSTP, ECTP, ELGI, and Sednet. This helps inform the European Commission on important scientific developments and solutions or to intensify knowledge exchange and cooperation.

Because solving complex issues requires intensive collaboration, we work closely with a range of partners across Europe including (local, regional, and national) governments, businesses, other research institutes, universities, and NGOs. Furthermore, we are the Dutch government’s knowledge partner of choice across a range of areas.

European missions at the heart of our work

At Deltares, we place great importance on the global, European, and Dutch and missions. Our mission-driven way of working helps set our priorities, inspiring both our day-to-day work and long-term goals. European priorities include climate action, nature-based solutions, digital twins, and the goal of zero pollution.

Dare to share

Deltares believes in openness and transparency, and that sharing knowledge and innovative insights worldwide enables delta life. Our dare to share principle applies to all our clients and includes the software and tools we develop, as well as our specialised and tailor-made consultancy solutions. We are firmly convinced of the need for our work to be open source.

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