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  1. 15/06/2022

    Meet the Scientific Council of Deltares

    The Science Council promotes excellence and strengthens the science authority of Deltares, by reinforcing the knowledge base, by inspiring the Deltares community of researchers, by detecting and anticipating game-changers, and by stimulating sound scientific practices and products, thereby making Deltares fit for the future.
  2. 09/06/2022

    The Netherlands has a new research facility with an advanced time machine for soil processes

    Today, the unique GeoCentrifuge, a new research facility of knowledge institute Deltares, is opened. With the GeoCentrifuge, soil processes can be tested to scale by increasing gravity. What would normally take years in the ground can now be reduced to mere hours. Given the societal challenges caused by climate change, subsidence and pressure on…
  3. 07/06/2022

    Research on future-proof bridges and quays awarded by National Research Agenda

    Within the Dutch National Research Agenda (NWA) 'Bridges and Quay Walls in Urban Areas' one of the research projects has been awarded to associate professor Mandy Korff (Deltares / TU Delft Civil Engineering and Geosciences (CEG)).
  4. 25/05/2022

    New study of the relationship between climate change and socio-economic tipping points

    Climate change can cause sudden socio-economic tipping points, such as large-scale bankruptcies of low-lying ski resorts, the collapse of house prices due to sea level rise, or the extensive disruption of the road network due to flooding. Kees van Ginkel (Deltares) spent four years researching tipping points of this kind. He will present the…
  5. 19/05/2022

    Four ways to save deltas from sea level rise

    River deltas are drowning in the face of rapidly rising sea-levels. To keep up with sea-level rise, delta land needs to be raised with sand and mud from rivers. But sand and mud supply from rivers is decreasing globally, and doesn’t make it to deltas anymore which causes flooding and land loss.
  6. 17/05/2022

    Deltares 2022 impact report online: stories with impact

    Our 2022 impact report is now online. Read nineteen stories that show how Deltares contributes to innovative and sustainable solutions for complex and urgent challenges, facing society.
  7. 16/05/2022

    Deltares mourns passing of former managing director Maarten Smits

    We are saddened by the news that Maarten Smits has passed away. Maarten Smits was the Managing Director of Deltares from 2012 to 2019. He helped lay down a stable foundation for Deltares and its strong position nationally and internationally as a knowledge institute.
  8. 13/05/2022

    Dutch team in The Ocean Race 2022-23 will work with research world to cut carbon emissions

    The Top consortium Knowledge & Innovation, TKI, is teaming up with The Ocean Race 2022-23 to reduce carbon emissions by the maritime industry. The consortium is a Dutch initiative that brings together the business world, government and knowledge institutes. During the race, high-performance sport and research will team up to collect and…
  9. 06/05/2022

    Can the Mekong Delta be saved from drowning?

    The Mekong Delta in Vietnam could be nearly fully submerged by the end of the century if urgent actions are not taken across the river basin. Continuing with business as usual could drown 90% of this agro-economic powerhouse that’s home to nearly 20 million people – with immense local and global impacts.
  10. 06/05/2022

    Floods and droughts: an EPIC response to these hazards in the era of climate change

    How can we create a safer, more prosperous future for the world's 7.7 billion people? Today, on Desertification and Drought Day, the World Bank and Deltares present an ambitious Flagship Report: "An Epic Response: Innovative Governance for Flood and Drought Risk Management" as their contribution.
    Floods Drought
  11. 29/04/2022

    Climate change will more than double the risk of intense tropical cyclones by 2050

    Human-caused climate change will make strong tropical cyclones twice as frequent by mid-century, putting large parts of the world at risk, according to a new study published in Scientific Advances. The analysis also projects that maximum wind speeds associated with these cyclones could increase up to 24%.
  12. 26/04/2022

    How can we avert a global sand crisis?

    A new report by the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) entitled “Sand and sustainability: 10 recommendations to avert a crisis” was launched on 26 April 2022 at the UNEP office in Geneva, Switzerland. Deltares researcher Helena van der Vegt is co-author of this report, contributing to the chapter on restoration of ecosystem services as…
    Health water, soil
  13. 22/04/2022

    The Water Forecast from the Wylerbergmeer

    The Water Forecast project was officially launched with the installation of a monitoring buoy and a weather station at the Wylerbergmeer lake on 21 April. The Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW), research institute Deltares and the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) are joining forces in this project to combine existing…
    Health water, soil
  14. 19/04/2022

    Bringing order to the chaos of sea level projections

    In their effort to provide decisionmakers with insight into the consequences of climate change, climate researchers at NIOZ, Deltares and UU are bringing order to the large amount of sea level projections, translating climate models to expected sea level rise. Their new overview study was published in the scientific journal Earth's Future. "These…
  15. 19/04/2022

    TCOMS and Deltares sign memorandum of understanding for joint research and co-development of knowledge in the field of hydrodynamics

    Singapore, 19th April 2022 – The Technology Centre for Offshore and Marine, Singapore (TCOMS), and Deltares, independent knowledge institute in the field of water and subsurface, headquartered in the Netherlands, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on 19 April 2022 during the Singapore International Water Week. Both TCOMS and Deltares agree…