On this page you will find an overview of current projects being carried out by Deltares.


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  1. Cutting maintenance costs for offshore wind farms using improved forecasts

    Hard winds, strong currents or high waves. Maintenance vessels for offshore wind farms often have to stay in port, or return to shore, when bad weather suddenly blows in. The resulting costs for the dozens of offshore wind farms in the North Sea are high. Operations and maintenance costs account for almost one third of the kWh price of offshore…
    Energy transition
  2. DRISK: Reducing the risks of bio-based processes

    The bio-based industry is an emerging industry that contributes to sustainability and to saving energy and raw materials. However, during the process, intermediate products and waste flows are created, and it is not known what they contain. As a result, we do not know whether they involve ecological risks. This cannot be determined using…
  3. Dar Es Salaam: Participatory modelling of floods using community mapped OpenStreetMap data

    The OpenStreetMap platform offers a user-friendly and open database to digitize mapped data. It enables any community member able to handle a computer to map the city, and as a consequence, community mapping efforts are increasing.
  4. Delft-FEWS linked to Twitter (Jakarta)

    A flood warning system in Jakarta has been extended to include real-time data supplied through Twitter. The Jakarta Flood Early Warning System, J-FEWS, is based on Delft-FEWS. This is the first time that Deltares has used Twitter for Delft-FEWS.
  5. Deltaplan Bangladesh

    The Bangladesh delta has more than 50 rivers and a vulnerable coastal area, and it is susceptible to flooding. Furthermore, the country faces major water-quality problems. It is going through a period of rapid economic growth, making a long-term vision for water management increasingly urgent. Deltares teamed up with Bangladeshi colleagues and…
  6. Deltaprogramme and the Adaptive Delta Management approach

    The Netherlands is the best protected delta in the world. But how can we ensure that we remain protected from high water – now and in the future – and that our supply of freshwater is secure? The Delta Programme is aimed at maintaining the Netherlands as a safe and attractive country, today and in the future. Through the Delta Programme the…
  7. Deltares builds scale model of navigation lock in IJmuiden

    Deltares is working on a scale model of the new sea lock in IJmuiden in order to study the forces and the effects generated by freshwater and salt water on the ships. To accommodate ever-larger sea-going vessels, the lock will be one of the largest in the world, with a chamber that will be more than 500m long. It is expected to go operational in 2019.
    Future proof infrastructure
  8. Deltares peat mapping in Indonesia – status update

    In 2017 Deltares, together with ITB (Institute of Technology Bandung), submitted a rapid and cost effective peat mapping method to the Indonesian Peat Prize that applied an elevation model (DTM) created from airborne LiDAR data, and limited field measurements of peat thickness. The position of the peat bottom is determined by subtracting the peat…
    Floods Subsidence
  9. Deltares updates the scour protection design for the Borssele Alpha & Beta substations

    Deltares has worked with HSM Offshore on the updating of the scour protection design for the Borssele Alpha & Beta offshore high-voltage substation (OHVS) platforms that connect the wind farms in the Borssele Wind Farm Zone (Netherlands) to the grid.
    Energy transition
  10. Developer of SlowMill conducts product tests in Delta Flume

    Entrepreneur Erwin Croughs tested his SlowMill product in the Delta Flume in collaboration with Deltares. The SlowMill produces energy from water flows.
    Energy transition
  11. Development of a water allocation model for major basins in Myanmar

    The Netherlands Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment provides support to the Government of Myanmar in the development of an Integrated Water Resources Management Strategy for Myanmar, and has signed an MoU with the Myanmar Ministry of Transport, in name of the Myanmar National Water Resources Committee.
    Water supply
  12. Dhaka’s Sustainable Water Supply

    Dhaka Water Supply and Sewerage Authority (DWASA) provides water across a service area of about 400 square kilometers in Dhaka City and its surroundings. It has been relying heavily on groundwater as a source of water supply, but current groundwater abstraction is beyond sustainable yields, as evidenced by a rapidly falling water table. This and…
    Water supply Health water, soil
  13. Dikes on Peat

    ‘Dikes on Peat’ is an innovative research project that Deltares is carrying out in collaboration with the Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier water authority and Rijkswaterstaat. The aim is to develop a new calculation method specifically for the dikes around the Markermeer lake. There are many dikes on peat in the province of North…
  14. Early-Warning System for storm surge and tide in Mauritius

    The Republic of Mauritius is the first Small Island Developing State (SIDS) in the Indian Ocean with its own tide and storm surge Early-Warning System for improving preparedness and resilience to events like cyclones. Deltares developed the storm surge model together with the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development, Disaster and Beach…
  15. EartH2Observe, a complete insight in local and global water availability

    The EU FP7 project EartH2Observe that started in January 2014 has ended December 2017. The project is coordinated by Deltares and has made a huge step forward in the field of integrating and combining available earth observations from different satellite missions, in-situ datasets from various sources and the latest global hydrological and land…
    Water supply