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In 2023, Geopex took part in Deltares' SME challenge, giving them 80 hours of access to Deltares' state-of-the-art geofacilities. Geopex specialises in 'custom-made' geotextiles for road and hydraulic engineering, focuses on the production of these sink and collar structures, among others, for hydraulic engineering. These structures often consist of several layers of geotextiles, which contributes to their robustness and effectiveness. They are held in place in flowing water by dumping stones on them.

Plant damage caused by falling stones

Recently at the Geo Hall, Geopex's design concepts were tested for installation damage caused by falling stones. The focus here was on combining various geotextiles (or geotextiles and traditional reeds) and evaluating their performance, with a specific focus on the effect of ballast material on zinc and collar pieces. Geotextiles were provided by several manufacturers for these tests

The test

In the video below, Maarten van der Steen, Geopex manager, explains the tests carried out, with specific emphasis on the potential damage ballast can cause to geotextiles. The main purpose of these tests is to prevent the erosion-protective properties of the zinc and collar pieces from being lost as early as during installation due to damage caused by the application of the stones. This is a real danger.

Just recently, the CROW guideline on this installation became even 'stricter', because too many damaged geotextiles are still found. With this research, Geopex is making a significant contribution to the sustainable management of waterways and the protection of soils and banks.

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Registration SME challenge 2024

This year again, we welcome innovative SMEs to our experimental test facilities at Deltares. Together with our experts, we take the latest techniques and innovations to the next level. Together, we will come closer to solutions for societal challenges.

The first round of entries for 2024 has now closed. All participants have been invited to present their innovations, and this will take place in late May/early June. After these presentations, it will be decided which initiatives will receive free access to Deltares' facilities. A second round of the SME Challenge 2024 will follow in the autumn, and registration for this is already possible.

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