Collaboration and Knowledge Development

Every year, around 350 SMEs (and start-ups) turn to Deltares for special projects, and vice versa. Our collaboration with these Dutch SME businesses is not only valuable to us but also to them. It's a process of mutual learning, where we work together on projects that have a real impact. Besides collaboration focused on specific projects, we are also involved in innovation processes that are carried out without financial transactions. At Deltares, the door is always open for collaboration and knowledge development.

Knowledge Applicable and Accessible

As an applied knowledge institute, Deltares has the ambition to make developed knowledge both applicable and accessible. This is an essential part of our mission. The transfer of this knowledge takes place in various ways, both nationally and internationally. Although knowledge can be disseminated through reports and products, collaboration in projects with public and private parties remains the most effective method. Some examples of this include:

  • TKI Projects: These are projects within the Top Consortia for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI), where Deltares collaborates with SMEs to research and develop innovative solutions
  • Joint Industry Projects (JIPs): These are collaborative agreements between various industrial and research organisations, including SMEs, to promote joint research and development in specific technological areas.
  • Technology Consultations: Through technology consultation, Deltares offers expertise and guidance to SMEs to address technological challenges and implement new solutions.

Through this variety of approaches, Deltares stimulates knowledge transfer and collaboration with SMEs, thereby contributing to growth and innovation in the sector.

TKI projects

Top Sectors and Knowledge and Innovation Projects (TKI projects) are focused on the development and application of innovative solutions across nine key sectors. In these projects, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, and the government collaborate towards a shared goal, aiming to strengthen the competitive position of Dutch companies and contribute to economic growth and sustainability. Deltares is heavily involved in the TKI projects for Delta Technology and Water Technology. In these TKI projects, we have been working with a large number of SMEs (since 2012) on innovative solutions. The projects are described on the TKI websites: TKI Delta Technology and TKI Water Technology.

Joint Industry Projects

A Joint Industry Project (JIP) is a collaborative business project in which we work with various companies to address a specific goal or challenge, such as the development of new products or technologies, or the improvement of existing processes. The purpose of a JIP is to pool resources and expertise, enabling participants to work more efficiently and effectively, and reach their objectives more quickly. The projects are typically too complex (or too expensive) to be undertaken by a single party, or they require multiple specialised knowledge or equipment, which is not readily available to individual parties. Participants in a JIP collaborate, share the costs, and share the benefits.

Technologie Consult

Specifically for SMEs and start-ups, we introduce the Technology Consult. In this one-day Technology Consult, Deltares' experts will freely consider an entrepreneur's technological question. The experts assist with advice on topics such as the feasibility of your innovation, technical-content aspects, and systemic and organisational conditions. Additionally, we think along with collaboration opportunities and connect entrepreneurs with members from our network.

SME challenge

Deltares develops knowledge on a wide range of technical water- and soil-related subjects using modern experimental facilities located on its own campus in Delft. With the SME challenge, Deltares offers 80 hours of free access to the Hydro and Geo facilities and laboratories to test design concepts of innovations. Think of innovative solutions in the areas of coastal protection, soil protection, energy supply, monitoring, or measuring instruments. The possibilities within the facilities are endless.

Guidance in Innovation Paths

Deltares provides a process where we assist SMEs and start-ups in making informed decisions regarding their innovation. We offer not only the expertise needed but also a partnership that can be relied upon. At Deltares, we understand that innovation goes beyond mere technical expertise. More information on this can be found on the guidance in innovation paths page.

And more

In projects, a lot of software and applications are also developed. These are also widely-used knowledge carriers, and our open-source software is broadly distributed and used worldwide. In addition, there are numerous publications, conferences, workshops, webinars, and other gatherings where we reach a broad audience. Many of our publications and reports are public and accessible through our website.

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