About Madelief Doeleman

Ir. Madelief Doeleman is an advisor/researcher in the Coastal Structures and Waves Department of Deltares. She has a master’s degree in Civil Engineering, specialised in coastal engineering and environmental fluid mechanics at the Delft Technical University. She has experience as project leader and numerical modeller for the Dutch government (Rijkswaterstaat). In several projects she advises Rijkswaterstaat on applying detailed numerical models for hydrodynamic (wave) information nearshore and is involved in the improvement of the dike safety assessments in The Netherlands. She is part of the D-Waves teachers’ team of the Deltares Academy.

As a team member of the Topconsortiums Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) team she supports the setup of innovative public-private partnership projects. Also, she is part of the SME team that actively stimulates cooperation between SMEs and Deltares to accelerate innovations. As lead of the facility challenge, she has overseen the tests of several valuable innovative initiatives and the start of fruitful collaborations.

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