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  1. 01/01/2021

    Light and primary production in the Western Scheldt : primary production model scenarios

    More insight is needed in the precise effect of changes in turbidity (suspended sediment) and primary production in the Schelde. This report describes a sensitivity analysis, and presents results of a set of the construction of Deurganckdok, and two realistic scenarios in order to get a better insight in these effects.
  2. 01/01/2021

    Factors determining the natural fresh-salt groundwater distribution in deltas

    Most river deltas are densely populated areas with intensive agriculture. The increased shortage of fresh surface water that results from rising demands are expected to lead to increased groundwater pumping, which leads to sea water intrusion. To correctly project the future of fresh groundwater resources in deltas, knowing the current fresh‐salt…
  3. 01/01/2021

    impact of wind-waves and sea level rise on the morphodynamics of a sandy estuarine shoal

    Intertidal shoals are pronounced morphological features found in many estuaries worldwide. Apart from maintaining an ecologically unique intertidal environment, shoals also protect adjacent dyke systems by attenuating waves. The fate of sandy shoals under anticipated sea level rise (SLR) scenarios is underexplored. The current research…
  4. 12/01/2020

    Fresh water resources in the Changing Wealth of Nations : scoping chapter

    It is important that freshwater resources are valued and managed in a sustainable way. Water as a natural asset and source of wealth has so far not been included separately in the Changing Wealth of Nations book by the World Bank. In this report, we present a roadmap to value freshwater resources on a global scale in a manner that is broadly…
  5. 12/01/2020

    long-term morphological response to sea level rise and different sediment strategies in the Western Scheldt estuary (The Netherlands)

    The objective of this study is to gain insight into the relative impact of (extreme) sea level rise (SLR) and different sediment strategies, i.e. dredging and dumping and beach nourishments, on the hydro- and morphodynamic behaviour of the Western Scheldt estuary (The Netherlands) till the end of the 21st century. For this, a process-based…
  6. 12/01/2020

    Morphological models for IRM : Rhine branches 1D

    Until recently, river maintenance was mainly concerned with single-function interventions to, for instance, improve the river's navigability or reduce flood risk. This type of interventions framework has the negative consequence that an improvement in one function may not be beneficial for another function or service. For this reason and having…
  7. 12/01/2020

    Modelling sand-mud interaction in Delft3D : investigation of sand-mud modules in Delft3D and Delft3D-FM

    Estuaries and tidal basins are unique systems that are often under pressure by increasing human activities and climate change. In many of these systems the contribution from both sand and mud are essential in their response to measures and global change, i.e. their resilience. For complexity reasons, sand and mud are often treated separately or…
  8. 11/01/2020

    Visualizing changes of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

    This memo describes a new method to visualize data using tiled videomaps. These provide a zoomable video of the current (last 5 years) of ice loss at the area that is most relevant for the Netherlands. This results in an easy-to-understand visualization of some of the processes (glacier flow, sea-ice loss, fracturing) that contribute to the…
  9. 10/01/2020

    Development of a sixth generation model for the NW European Shelf (DCSM-FM 100m) : model setup, calibration and validation

    Upon request of Rijkswaterstaat (RWS), Deltares has developed a sixth-generation hydrodynamic model of the Northwest European Shelf. Specifically, this model covers the North Sea and adjacent shallow seas and estuaries in the Netherlands, such as the Wadden Sea, the Ems-Dollard estuary, the Western Scheldt and the Eastern Scheldt. The development…
  10. 09/01/2020

    Integrated hydro-social modeling at catchment scale : a case for the Rhine basin

    This conference presentation highlights the work on hydro-socio modelling for the Rhine catchment. This casestudy shows the current and planned possibilities of using BlueEarth to support effective stakeholder dialogues.
  11. 09/01/2020

    BlueEarth : an integrated approach from model building to stakeholder dialogue

    This conference presentation presents BlueEarth as an integrated model integration platform to support stakeholder dialogues for water resources management and basin planning
  12. 05/01/2020

    assessment of present day and future sea level rise at the Dutch coast : Zeespiegelstijging langs de Nederlandse kust en de regionale bestuurlijke consequenties

    In this report an assessment of present day and future sea level rise is given, to provide a scientific background in the related public debates. We start with a discussion on the present-day sea level rise acceleration. Subsequently, we discuss the consistency between sea level rise observations and future sea level projections along the North…
  13. 04/01/2020

    Velika Morava Flood Forecasting and Warning System : final report

    On the implementation of the Velika Morava Flood Forecasting and Warning project. The objective of the project was to build a well calibrated hydrological model that supports operational flood forecasting in the Velika Morava basin by the Republic Hydrometeorological Service of Serbia (RHMSS) in Belgrade. The hydrological model supports flood…
  14. 03/01/2020

    Understanding the morphological processes at Ameland Inlet : Kustgenese 2.0 synthesis of the tidal inlet research

    The objective of this Coastal Genesis 2.0 report is to synthesize the current understanding of the role of the Ameland ebb-tidal delta in the coastal system, and the processes underlying meso-scale ebb-tidal delta dynamics. Such knowledge is not only essential for future sustainable coastal management of Ameland Inlet, but also provides valuable…
  15. 03/01/2020

    Vlaamse Baaien Flexible Mesh Model (VlaBa-FM)

    For mid-term morphological models over a 30-km long domain, this report demonstrates that the 2DH morphodynamic functionality of Delft3D-4 such as morphological acceleration, multiple sediment fractions, dredging and dumping work well in Delft3D-FM. Therefore, this study gives confidence in developing the next generation morphodynamic models in…