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  1. 01/12/2021

    Development of sixth generation model schematisation 3D D-Water Quality Veerse Meer : model set-up and calibration

    Recent water quality problems in the Veerse Meer have renewed efforts to develop modelling tools for the lake. In the context of setting up the new sixth-generation models for Rijkswaterstaat, a 3D D-Water Quality model of the Veerse Meer including eutrophication parameters, dissolved oxygen, and related water quality processes has been developed…
  2. 01/11/2021

    10-years evaluation of the Sand Motor : results of the Monitoring- and Evaluation Program (MEP) for the period 2011 to 2021

    In 2011 the large-scale sand nourishment ‘The Sand Motor’ was constructed (21.5 million m3) with the aim of gaining experience with innovative nourishments that combine recreational, natural and coastal maintenance functions and strengthen the Delfland coast. Unique about the Sand Motor is that it can freely reshape over time as a result of…
  3. 01/11/2021

    Installation of heating pipelines by shallow drilling : feasibility of the E-power method

    The so called E-Power Pipe technique is a trenchless method which was developed for the installation of underground cables in sleeve pipes. This trenchless technique for shallow drilling and pipeline installation can be used for the installation of large diameters transport heating pipelines. Modification of the technique is necessary to enlarge…
  4. 01/09/2021

    Detecting floating plastics using a high-frequency X-band radar : a feasibility study on unconventional monitoring techniques for the detection of plastics

    Ship-based X-band radar was tested for the detection of floating plastics. Plastic items are likely to a have a different radar reflection than items of other materials with the same size above the water, since they have different dielectric constants. Three measurement campaigns were carried out in the Rhine-Meuse Delta, revealing its potential…
  5. 01/08/2021

    PRISMA I : final report

  6. 01/07/2021

    Coherent assessment framework for eutrophication : model results Deltares

    This report describes the results of the modelling work done by Deltares in the framework of the OSPAR Intersessional Correspondence Group on Ecosystem Modelling (ICG-EMO). In this group, an ensemble model approach was started in 2020, with the aim to simulate the effects of anthropogenic nutrient loads on nutrient and chlorophyll concentrations…
  7. 01/06/2021

    Characteristic values of soil properties in Dutch codes of practice : theoretical backgrounds and assumptions

    Soil properties usually show significant uncertainty due to a combination of spatial variability, limited availability of measurements and other sources of uncertainty. Most modern design codes are based on Load and Resistance Factor Design. In these codes, uncertainties in soil properties are covered by design values of geotechnical parameters,…
  8. 01/06/2021

    Modelling morphodynamics in the presence of immobile sediment : model testing and sensitivity analysis

    For a better management of the river system, Rijkswaterstaat is interested in improving the tools available for predicting morphodynamic changes. As such, an attention point is prediction of the formation and break-up of coarse layers. A new modelling concept (the HANNEKE model) was devised that is capable of better capturing the transport of…
  9. 01/05/2021

    Modelling seaweed cultivation on the Dutch continental shelf

    In this study we present a few hypothetical scenarios and assess the potential effects of seaweed cultivation layouts on regional and system scale trophic state parameters. We focus on phytoplankton primary production, as the keystone of the ecosystem. Nutrient concentrations are investigated as well, essentially to support our understanding of…
  10. 01/05/2021

    Aquathermie configuraties : overzicht TEO, TED en TEA door middel van factsheets, kostenkentallen en beslisbomen

    Bij alle technieken van aquathermie wordt er warmte of koude gewonnen uit water. Het water wordt langs een warmtewisselaar geleid waarna het weer wordt geloosd. Als onderdeel van het WarmingUP onderzoeksprogramma (project 3C) zijn er overzichten gemaakt van de verschillende configuraties van aquathermie: TEO (thermische energie uit…
  11. 01/03/2021

    Executive summary exploring adaptation options to improve the water security of Gabon : synthesis report

    Within this project, Deltares applied the climate risk-based decision analysis methodology, known as CRIDA for the client UNESCO. This project aimed to seek adaptation solutions that guarantee the minimal flows and improve the water secrurity for the various districts of Libreville and its surroundings under changing climate conditions.
  12. 01/02/2021

    Development of a 3D model for the NW European Shelf (3D DCSM-FM)

  13. 01/02/2021

    Ex ante evaluation of nutrients in fresh, coastal and marine waters with a focus on the Meuse basin

    This study has been carried out on request of the International Meuse Commission and the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management with the goal to give insight in the total nitrogen and total phosphorus concentrations for the Dutch transboundary water bodies and the fresh, transitional, coastal and marine waters in 2027 for five…
  14. 01/01/2021

    Building with Nature: a future proof strategy for coping with a changing and uncertain world : working with uncertainties

    The influence of climate change on water related management challenges is felt worldwide. Backed by policies such as the European Green Deal, the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement, there is a growing focus on Nature-based Solutions (NBS) and Building with Nature (BwN) to tackle current global challenges. However, the choice…
  15. 01/01/2021

    Hydrodynamics in the pits of Borssele and Hansweert : data-analysis and Delft3D-FM modeling

    The study provides a basis for evaluation of the morphological impacts of the dredged sediment disposal strategy and quantification of the expected dredging volumes. The larger framework of this study encompasses an investigation of the transport pathways of sediment in the deep pits of the Western Scheldt. A major question thus relates to the…