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  1. 01/11/2022

    TKI PRISMA II : Overview report

    This report provides an overview of all activities carried out within project TKI Prisma 2. PRISMA stands for “PRogramma Innovatief Sediment MAnagement". Its aim is to reduce maintenance dredging costs and emissions (a.o. GHG emissions). Within TKI Prisma 2 research has been carried out in three work packages: 1. Water Injection Dredging (WID)…
  2. 01/11/2022

    Gel barriers in the Port of Rotterdam : analysis of the hydrodynamics, sediment transport and stability

    This report describes the results of Phase 2 of the TKI feasibility study on the application of gel barriers in ports to control sediment transport and sedimentation. Dredging efforts in the Port of Rotterdam are associated with high yearly costs and emissions. Gel barriers are biodegradable obstacles which could be placed on the bottom of a port…
  3. 01/11/2022

    OSPAR COMP4 thresholds for nutrients and chlorophyll : consequences for the Netherlands

    In the preparation of the 4th assessment of the eutrophication status of the North East Atlantic by OSPAR, several changes in the assessment methods were made. Rijkswaterstaat asked Deltares to give insight in potential consequences of the assessment for the Netherlands. This report presents an analysis of riverine nutrient loads in relation to…
  4. 01/11/2022

    Olivine weathering in field trials : effect of natural environmental conditions on mineral dissolution and the potential toxicity of nickel

    One of the most common silicate minerals on earth is olivine, which has been a natural regulator for atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations for millions of years. In the presence of water, CO2 is chemically converted to calcareous products. In past years, the possibility of olivine applications to acquire negative emissions of CO2 has received…
  5. 01/09/2022

    Influence of water depth on the wave height, wave run-up and front velocities

    This report researches the influence of shallow foreshores on the wave height, wave run-up height and velocities in the context of the COM. This research is part of the KPP (Kennis Primaire Processen / knowledge primary processes) VOW (Versterking Onderzoek Waterveiligheid / strengthening flood safety research) project. Within the KPP-VOW project…
  6. 01/08/2022

    Clogging in high temperature storage wells : modeling the effect of high temperature

    For the extraction and infiltration of hot water in the groundwater system, the control of well clogging is also important. This WarmingUP sub-study addresses the question whether the risk of clogging is larger or smaller for HTO wells at higher temperatures, whether clogging occurs to the same extent or whether additional requirements must be…
  7. 01/05/2022

    Global scenarios for ecosystem health : nutrient pollution and toxic stress

    The Global Environment Monitoring Unit in the Science Division of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) provides support to the coordination of the World Water Quality Alliance (WWQA) by assessing key environmental issues and providing focused outlooks to strengthen science-based policy making. In this project, global scenarios of…
  8. 01/03/2022

    SWAN-model Haringvliet-Biesbosch for BOI2023

    This report presents the setup of the Haringvliet-Biesbosch SWAN model, called swan-hvbbhr2023_ 6-v1a. The model is to be used for performing BOI ('Assessment and Design Instrumentation') production computations. The curvilinear computational grid is taken from the previous model version (Deltares, 2016). We updated bathymetry and obstacles. The…
  9. 01/01/2022

    Guyana Mangrove-Seawall Engineering Guidance

    By taking a “design with nature” approach to study and model mudbank dynamics, we can optimally time the application of Green-Grey technologies (combinations of engineered infrastructure and natural solutions such as mangrove ecosystems) to speed up this natural process and reclaim/regrow the coast. In addition to re-building the coastal zone,…
  10. 01/01/2022

    Field measurements on lower radiator temperatures in existing buildings : manuscript for Energy and Buildings

    The heating power of a building is linked to the supply and return temperature of the radiator. A lower supply temperature enables more transition pathways towards sustainable heating with reduced carbon emissions. However, the minimum supply temperature that guarantees thermal comfort during design weather conditions is still unknown. In this…
  11. 01/12/2021

    Eindevaluatie pilot Langsdammen in de Waal : hydromorphological data and observations

    In the river Waal, longitudinal training walls (LTW) have been built in 2015 near Tiel as a pilot to replace the groynes. Combined with the realisation, also a measurement campaign of multiple years was started to study the effects of the LTW on water levels, flow velocities and bed level. In this report these measurements have been processed and…
  12. 01/12/2021

    Eindevaluatie pilot Langsdammen in de Waal : Delft3D simulations

    This report is part of the project “Final Evaluation Pilot Longitudinal Training Walls” (Work Package 1, WP1). It concerns numerical simulations with a state-of-the-art Delft3D-model covering the Waal between Nijmegen and Zaltbommel. The impact of the Longitudinal Training Walls (LTW’s) on the river (water levels, flow velocities, morphology, etc…
  13. 01/12/2021

    Eindevaluatie pilot Langsdammen in de Waal : morphology and maintenance

    River interventions such as the replacement of groynes by longitudinal training walls have morphological effects on different scales. Effects on the smallest scales occur almost immediately whereas effects on the largest scales manifest themselves only after decades. As discharges vary, morphological effects keep fluctuating even in the long term…
  14. 01/12/2021

    Techniques for monitoring of benthic primary production : 21 december 2021

    This document presents a state-of-the-art review of methods to quantify benthic primary production in estuaries. The advantages and disadvantages of each method are discussed, including their assumptions and uncertainties in measurements. The review includes field and remote sensing measurement techniques. The review is intended to select a…
  15. 01/11/2021

    10-years evaluation of the Sand Motor : results of the Monitoring- and Evaluation Program (MEP) for the period 2011 to 2021

    In 2011 the large-scale sand nourishment ‘The Sand Motor’ was constructed (21.5 million m3) with the aim of gaining experience with innovative nourishments that combine recreational, natural and coastal maintenance functions and strengthen the Delfland coast. Unique about the Sand Motor is that it can freely reshape over time as a result of…