About Albrecht Weerts

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Weerts is an expert on data model integration and hydrological forecasting at Deltares, working within the Operational Water Management group. Albrecht investigates the predictability of the hydrological system, which is driven by weather and climate. The aim of the research is to improve predictions of hydrological processes at different spatial and temporal scales. Improved prediction can help water managers, crisis managers and policy makers to make informed decisions about reducing risks and impacts of future floods and droughts. Albrecht has been leading research and development projects on data assimilation techniques for improving flood forecasting system (quantification and reduction of uncertainties). He has provided advice on the development of flood and drought forecasting systems. Albrecht was involved as expert advisor on hydrological predictability and forecasting systems in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, England & Wales, Brazil, Myanmar, United States, Poland, Republic of Korea, and Republic of China (Taiwan). He (co-) authored over 40 peer reviewed journal papers and as of February 2016 he has been appointed endowed professor Hydrological Predictability at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

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