About Alex Capel

Alex Capel received in 2002 his MSc degree in civil engineering. His specialisation was hydraulic and coastal engineering. Alex Capel gained a wide international experience in the design of coastal structures like rubble mound breakwaters and quay walls. Furthermore he acted as a specialist in several dike and levee safety projects in the Netherlands. Alex developed skills in numerical modelling for ports and marina’s in relation to wave design conditions and morphology processes. Also the application of specialised computer software to define ship responses when berthed and optimisations to mooring layouts for Oil tankers and LPG/LNG vessels is one of his expertises.

Alex Capel currently acts as senior project manager for several international clients, who ask for physical modelling and numerical modelling studies within their projects. He is also the programme manager of the Coastal and River Structures Programme within Deltares’ Delta Infrastructure Theme. He develops new knowledge related to coastal structures within the R&D projects. These projects involve amongst others:

  • Rubble mound breakwater and rock revetments
  • Scour protections
  • Cost-optimisation and Risk Control in Designing
  • Physical modelling of Approach Channel Refraction Processes
  • Block revetments
  • Wave overtopping reduction of Coastal Structures

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