About Ana Nunez Sanchez

Ana is a Resilient Water Management Specialist with more than 15 years of experience designing and implementing projects in developing countries. Ana’s research and practice focuses on strengthening the collaboration of institutions to better manage hydro-climatic risks (floods and drought), implement nature based solutions and deliver services to all segments of society. Ana has extensive experience working with governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, and multilateral organizations on efforts such as basin and coastal planning, whole-of-government approaches, social inclusion and the identification of climate-resilient green and grey investments. Ana has field experience in Latin America, South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle-East.

Ana is a lawyer from the University of Granada (Spain), with a Master in International Environmental Policy by the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (USA) and is currently an external PhD at the Institute of Environmental Studies at the Vrije Universiteit. Ana has worked for the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the International Finance Corporation and the World Resources Institute. She is currently an Expert Advisor at the Department of Resilience and Planning at Deltares. Ana has published work with the World Bank, a recent example is “The EPIC Response Framework: Innovative Governance for Flood and Drought Risk Management

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