About Andre Koelewijn

Dr. André Koelewijn presently works as a specialist on research and development at the department of Dike Technology of Deltares.

He has about 20 years of experience in national and international geotechnical projects, with a focus on failure mechanisms of dams, dikes and levees. He has a broad experience on small-scale and full-scale failure tests, crisis management to avoid real dike failures, monitoring equipment and the incorporation of monitoring data into models and guidelines, development of models and software. He has been responsible for the geotechnical design and the execution of all field experiments of the IJkdijk.

He has been the initiator of several international cooperation networks with France, UK, USA and China, and was involved in various research projects for the European Union. He has written over fifty scientific papers. In 2013, he received the Dutch Keverling Buisman prize for the best geotechnical paper.

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