About Jarno Verkaik

Jarno Verkaik has a broad experience in the fields of Groundwater Flow Modeling and Scientific Software Development. Since he graduated on parallel solvers at TNO in 2003 he worked on various numerical codes, for example, on processing radar data, simulation of glass melting, ultrasound wave propagation and crash-test simulation for the automotive industry. About a decade ago he started at TNO as a groundwater modeler for the Netherlands Hydrological Model and as a modeler for fresh-salt groundwater interaction on a regional scale. His work shifted from modeling to code development and as a core member of the Netherlands Hydrological Model he is in lead for the software development of the Netherlands Hydrological Instrument. Jarno is the initiator of the Deltares accelerated codes iMOD-SEAWAT and iMOD-MT3DMS, and the initiator of parallel iMODFLOW, parallel MODFLOW-USG and parallel MODFLOW-6. The latter is currently being developed for the USGS, in coorporation of, Utrecht University and Delft University of Technology.

Within these development he has mostly the rol of both developer and code architect, but for several of these developments he is also project leader and supervisor of graduate students.

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