About Margreet van Marle

Dr. Margreet van Marle started working at Deltares in 2017 and has experience in wildfires, multi-hazard risk assessments, infrastructure resilience and climate change. She has been involved in projects as climate change and disaster risk expert to increase resilience in (international) projects in Albania, Paraguay, Indonesia, Niger and the Dominican Republic. Currently she is working on i) consulting and leading multi-hazard risk assessment and adaptation projects; ii) developing tools to assess and evaluate the damage and criticality of road networks. She is the product owner of the by Deltares developed tooling for Resilience Assessment and Action perspective on Critical infrastructurE (RA2CE); iii) performing climate change impact assessments on natural hazards and iv) using earth observation techniques in impact near real time impact assessments. During her PhD about deforestation, wildfire hazards and climate change she developed several deforestation and fire emissions datasets based on satellite observations, which acted as forcing data for the AR6 IPCC model runs. Margreet has professional working proficiency in Dutch, English and Spanish.

Working experience

  1. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    PhD on Fire and Deforestation dynamics

    2012 - 2017
  2. Deltares

    Researcher Climate Resilient Infrastructure

    2017 - present

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