About Mohamed Yossef

Dr. Yossef is an expert in the field of river engineer, river hydrodynamics, and river morphodynamics. He worked on numerous projects for rivers in Europe, Africa, South America and Asia. He has worked in several projects for the Nile River and Lake Nasser in Egypt, the Corantijn River in Surinam, Panama Canal and Gatun Lake in Panama, the Orinoco River in Venezuela, the Indus River in Pakistan, the Tenryuu River in Japan, the Danube River in Slovakia and Romania, Río Magdalena in Colombia, and multiple rivers in Turkey. Dr. Yossef is one of the experts behind the development of the morphological model of the Rhine Branches in the Netherlands; he has been leading a team to develop a similar model for the Danube River in Romania in order to evaluate the impact of engineering measures to improve navigability of the old Danube; and leading a team to develop a set of models and tools to evaluate flood risks in Yeşilırmak and Antalya basins in Turkey.

A distinct area of Mohamed Yossef’s expertise regards strategic utilisation of models, uncertainty analysis of hydraulic models, the interaction between rivers and structures (with focus on groynes), and rapid assessment of inland water transport navigation channel route.

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