About Reimer de Graaff

Mr. Reimer de Graaff is an expert in the field of coastal hydrodynamics, metocean and climate impact studies. After his study physical geography at Utrecht University in 1996 he started as hydrodynamic modeller at Delft Hydraulics, which merged into Deltares in 2008. Now as a senior hydrodynamic expert he has extensive experience and skills as team-leader of multi-disciplinary and scientifically complex projects. He applies his skills in projects worldwide, including the assessment of offshore and nearshore metocean design conditions, setup of marine monitoring and forecasting systems as well as ice studies in lakes and seas. In recent years he is more and more focusing on coastal risk, impact and vulnerability assessments in relation to future climate change effects. Mr. de Graaff frequently shares his knowledge in workshops and training sessions, both at Deltares and at various institutes abroad.

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