About Toon Segeren

Dr. Toon Segeren is Director Marine and Coastal Systems and Director Deltares International.

He holds an engineering degree from Wageningen University, The Netherlands, in water management and hydrology and a PhD degree in Irrigation Engineering from Utah State University, United States of America.

In 1996, Dr. Segeren joined Delft Hydraulics as a senior researcher/consultant. For a number of years he was involved in research and development projects for Dutch regional water authorities and municipalities with a focus on operational systems. In 1999, Dr. Segeren was appointed department head, regional and municipal water management at Delft Hydraulics. From 1999 until 2002, Dr. Segeren was also employed part time by the Netherlands Organization of Regional Water Authorities as the coordinator of international affairs. In 2003, Dr. Segeren was appointed as the deputy director, inland water systems with Delft Hydraulics. After the merger of Delft Hydraulics into Deltares, Dr. Segeren was appointed as the Director Inland Water Systems and later Director Groundwater and Subsurface and became member of the Management Team of Deltares.

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