Why a new lock?

A new large sea lock at the entrance to the North Sea Canal will be required for the development of the Amsterdam port region and the regional economy, and it is vitally important for national and international freight transport.


With the model tests the physical process during operation of the lock is being simulated. In detail is being looked at:

  • required levelling time
  • forces exerted on the ships in the chamber during levelling and after opening of the gate
  • flows of fresh water and salt water when the gates are opened.

The results of the scale-model tests will also be used to validate the numerical models used to design the lock. The reference design for the new lock will be built to a scale of 1:40 and will be available for a period of three years. The scale model, the lock chamber and the entrances are approximately 56 m long in total and 20 m wide.

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