Specific scientific objectives are:

  • to create regionally based protocols and approaches for the sustained integrated monitoring of natural and human resource quality and ecosystem functioning;
  • to initiate a comparative analysis of the African Great Lakes through an improved access to ecological, sociological and economic data and knowledge; and
  • to develop lake models to examine future scenarios in relation to perceived regional climate and socio-economic changes.

Deltares is responsible for the analyses of historic and current climate variability and change and its effects on lakes and their adjacent systems and the design of conceptual integrated scenarios (climate change, socio-economic and biophysical). Besides Deltares designed a strategy for multi-sectoral data and information dissemination through the EAGLOnet platform, in which NGO’s, Multinationals, SME’s, Governmental bodies and knowledge institutes are represented.

Our associates:

University of Nairobi, University of Leicester, Makerere University, Italian Centre for Colloid and Surface Science, KMFRI-FIRI, Alliance for Water Stewardship CERUKI, Univ. KwaZulu-Natal, ILEC, Kigali Institute of Science and Technology, Universite du Burundi, Kenya Wildlife Services, Lake Turkana Research Project, LVEMP, Maxillion Consultancy, Bahir Dar Univ., Centre de Recherches en Science Naturelles,, Lake Basin Action Network, Malawi Polytechnic, Univ. Cadiz, Namur University, Bahir Dar University., Centre de Recherches en Science Naturelles, several African water authorities, TAFIRI, NIGLAS, ISECN, RUFORUM, UNU-WVLCC,LTA-Burundi and Ministry of environment Malawi.

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