Meindert Van

Dike technology

+31(0)88335 7515

Dr. Meindert Van present position is Expertise Manager Dike Technology at Deltares in The Netherlands. Previous positions have been director knowledge and head of the research department of GeoDelft.

He has over 20 years experience in geotechnical projects and is more than 10 years responsible for the Dutch geotechnical research for Dike technology. He has been involved in crisis teams of recent dike failures and evacuations: Woltersum, Wilnis and Stein. He initiated many research projects in The Netherlands i.e. the IJkdijk-project and Flood Control 2015 project as well as in several international projects. He has been member of three Dutch official visits after New Orleans Flood and was leading the geotechnical part of the Dutch perspective
for New Orleans. He is member of several national and international committees, scientific coordinator of the European FloodProBE project and chairman of TC201 ‘dikes and levees’ of the ISSMGE. Recently he initiated a cooperation with USACE-ERDC and RPI for a DHS-grant project on smart levees. He published over fifty papers, tree books and received two Dutch geotechnical awards.

Working experience

2008 - present Deltares Expertise Manager Dike Technology.
2004 - 2007 GeoDelft Director Knowledge, Scientific Board Member.
2002 - 2003 GeoDelft Head of Strategic Research department.
1998 - 2001 GeoDelft Product Manager Development at the department of Earth Structures.
1990 - 1997 GeoDelft Project leader and senior consultant at the department of Earth Structures.
1989 GeoDelft Project leader at the department Fundamental Research.
1987 - 1988 Dutch Railways Utrecht Apprenticeship, master thesis and employee, department Concrete Structures.
1986 - 1987 Delft University of technology Computational teacher at faculty of Civil Engineering