Pieter Pauw

Pieter Pauw

Project engineer Applied Geology and Geofysics



Dr. Pieter Pauw is a hydrogeologist, specialized in the interaction between fresh and saline groundwater (e.g., salinisation, salt water intrusion). His hydrogeological expertise comprises measurement and monitoring techniques in the field, as well as analytical and numerical modeling.

Currently, Pieter is working as a project engineer in the department of Applied Geology and Geophysics. As a project engineer, he is focusing on geophysical borehole logging activities for hydrogeological and geological studies and applications.

Working experience

2015-present Deltares Project Engineer in the department of Applied Geology and Geophysics, focusing on geophysical borehole logging.
2010-2015 Wageningen University and Deltares PhD. Candidate. Degree of Doctor obtained in 2015. Name of dissertation: ‘Field and Model Investigations of Freshwater Lenses in Coastal Aquifers’.