Suzanna Zwanenburg

Reseacher / Advisor


Ms Zwanenburg received in 2012 het MSc degree in Civil Engineering with specialization Hydraulic Engineering at the Delft University of Technology. During her studies, she worked in Jakarta, Indonesia, as an intern of HKV on the topic of early warning and emergency measures for flooding of Jakarta. Her MSc thesis comprises of physical modeling research on the influence of the wave height distribution on the stability of single layer concrete armour units, which she performed as an intern of DMC.

At Deltares, Ms Zwanenburg is an advisor/researcher in both the team of Coastal Structures and Waves and the team of Hydraulics for Infrastructure and Industry. She has worked on various consultancy and research projects as a project engineer and project leader. These projects mainly involves physical model testing, measurements and monitoring and (measurement) data analysis. She has gained much experience in the Deltares hydraulic facilities for physical modeling on topics like breakwaters, dike revetments, intake and outfall structures, locks and tidal turbines.

Working experience

2010 - 2010 HKV Intern
2011 - 2012 Delta Marine Consultants Intern MSc. thesis
2013 - present Deltares Advisor / researcher