Vince Kaandorp

Researcher Groundwater


Dr. Vince Kaandorp is a hydrogeologist, specialized in the interaction between groundwater and surface water. Currently, he is working as a researcher in the department of Groundwater Management. Vince’s work focusses on groundwater-surface water interaction and hydrological impact assessments. This includes (groundwater) modelling, water quality studies, measuring and monitoring. He also works on projects that focus on use of the groundwater system for water supply for agriculture.

Working experience

2014-present Deltares Researcher in the department of Groundwater Management. Expertise in Groundwater systems and processes and Groundwater-Surface water Interaction.
2014-2019 University of Utrecht PhD. Candidate (external). Degree of Doctor obtained in 2019. Name of dissertation: ‘Groundwater in Streams - Understanding the dynamics of travel times, nutrients and temperature’.