The IPDC is a unique partnership bringing together governments, financial institutions, scientific experts, and practitioners from around the world to increase engagement and accelerate climate adaptation action at the local level. It will mobilize political will, accelerate investment, encourage knowledge transfer between experts, and build capacity for practitioners to accelerate action on the ground. In doing so, the IPDC will work to support commitments to the Water Action Agenda.

During the ceremony, ministers and high-level representatives from 12 countries and representatives from international financial institutions expressed their support for the IPDC and stressed the urgent need to take climate adaptation action to safeguard the world’s deltas, coastal areas, and islands.

The IPDC is a Dutch government initiative, led by the Dutch Minister for Infrastructure and Water Management, Mark Harbers. It is supported by knowledge institute Deltares, the Global Center on Adaptation, and the Delta Alliance.

Speaking at the event during the UN 2023 Water Conference, Minister Harbers said:

‘No country or island can do this alone. And they don’t need to, either. We can learn from each other, strengthen each other and share knowledge, solutions, and financing with each other. That’s what the IPDC is all about. From Shared Global Knowledge to Local Action!’

Annemieke Nijhoff, Managing Director at Deltares, said:

‘‘It is clear we need to accelerate climate action. This urgency has been driven home by the IPCC’s stark warning earlier this week that current adaptation and mitigation efforts are insufficient. Nowhere is climate action more urgent than in deltas, coastal areas, and islands. The IPDC has incredible potential, but we cannot do it alone. We urge all those who can make difference to join us.’

Patrick Verkooijen, CEO of the Global Center on Adaptation, said:

‘The best solutions to tackle this crisis will come from the exchange of ideas and good practices, and by engaging communities that are directly at risk from rising seas. The IPDC has a key role to play to ensure these efforts are underpinned by a localized understanding of the impacts of climate change, predictable budgets and governance mechanisms that enable adaptive planning and effective coordination across all stakeholders.’

Kim van Nieuwaal, Director at the Delta Alliance, said:

‘Deltas, coastal areas and islands are the world’s pressure cookers for climate adaptation. The unprecedented challenges that they are facing are levelling the playing field and prompting to reinvigorate global partnerships. The IPDC will be ground-breaking in the way we exchange information, learn together, develop solutions and action plans, and make decisions.’

The IPDC’s initial results will be presented during the first IPDC Conference, due to take place in the Netherlands in March 2024. Click here more information on on the IPDC.

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