Improved drought early warning and forecasting (DEWFORA)

Deltares participated in this DEWFORA (Drought Early Warning Forecasting) project that developed a framework for the provision of drought early warning and response for the improvement of drought impact mitigation in Africa. This framework covers the whole chain from monitoring and vulnerability assessment, through to forecasting, warning, response, and knowledge dissemination. Close links to drought research and policy development in Europe have been established. Existing capabilities for drought monitoring across Africa were assessed, and through improved drought indicators drought vulnerability at different scales across Africa was mapped. Advanced meteorological, hydrological and agricultural forecasting methods to predict thresholds were developed. Outreach was a key driver of the project, targeting national and local governmental organisations, NGO’s, IGO’s, regional community organisations and networks, as well as universities and research institutes. Dedicated training courses were developed to ensure continued knowledge transfer. Deltares was responsible for:

  • the coordination and management of the consortium;
  • creating the enabling environment that resulted in scientific synergies between DEWFORA and other research initiatives in Europe and Africa;
  • establishing links between European and African policy networks;
  • assessing existing drought monitoring and forecasting capacities, as well as mitigation and adaptation practices;
  • development of improved drought indicators and spatially variable warning thresholds, tailored to specific water users and incorporating the local reliance of communities/sectors on specific water resources;
  • identification of key regions with changing drought risk because of climate change; and
  • development of  pan-African forecasting models and methods to map drought vulnerability at the local, regional and continental scale as a function of indicators developed.

Our associates    

A variety of European and African research institutes and universities, as well as national regional and local authorities in a number of African countries (CSIR (ZA), DCER (SD),  ECMWF (EU), FEUP (PT), GFZ (DE), IAMZ (ES), IAV (MA), ICPAC (KE), JRC (EU), NBCBN (EG), NFC (EG), PIK (DE), UEM (MZ), UNESCO-IHE(NL), UPM (ES), WaterNet (BW), WISO (ML), WRNA (SA)). This project was a EU-FP7 European project.

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