Subsurface energy systems in closer proximity

How is it possible to install more subsurface energy systems closer together in a context of permits and differing interests? And what regulations are needed for areas where ‘crowding’ is not yet an issue?

To answer these questions, Deltares is collaborating with the Utrecht City and Provincial Authorities, BodemenergieNL, If Technology and KWR Water Research. The research is focusing on subsurface energy systems down to a depth of about 250 metres. The primary focus is on the effect of system density on energy and cost savings, and on the impact of an increase in the number of systems on total energy savings. The study is also looking at the extent to which merging individual systems allows the subsurface to be used better.

The results are being tested in a case study in the centre of Utrecht and they will ultimately provide a framework with assessment criteria for subsurface energy systems in busy