BlueEarth Data can be used by anyone who has an interest in global water-related and subsoil-related data to view, study, compare and download relevant information. This may include wave height, water level, discharge (historical and forecast), wave climate, coastal erosion, meteorological data and bathymetry data.

With the multi-data viewer, data can be visualised in graphs at point locations or in spatial maps. Registered users can download this data for free. What makes this platform unique is the fact that it is a community-based, open data platform where several datasets can be combined or compared simultaneously resulting in all kinds of new insights.

BlueEarth Community

We believe in sharing and in empowering communities. The platform is therefore community based. Interaction between the users provides opportunities to learn from each other, and to come up with new insights, ideas and datasets. You can sign up to become a community member by sending an email to:

Get involved

Your involvement is very much appreciated, and we are continuously expanding our community. This has already resulted in interesting feedback and ideas, which are now available in the beta-version. Membership is free of charge with no obligations. Membership gives you access to the latest version and the opportunity to contribute to new developments. Your contribution may be in the form of an idea, a suggestion, feedback or a whole new dataset. BlueEarth Data has the option to add your dataset. You can contribute by sending an email to:

How to use BlueEarth Data?

BlueEarth Data is very intuitive to use, no manual is required. However, to give you a head start a short overview is given in this tutorial.

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