For policy makers, decision makers and the general public, the combination of the Touch Table, our serious game engine and the new Delft3D Flexible Mesh Suite (Delft3D FM) offers an unique 3D interactive modelling solution to visualise the impact of the proposed measures in various water systems.

You can easily visualise the impact of storm surges, tsunamis, heavy rainfall and levee breaches, with a few swipes on your Touch Table or a few clicks on your laptop.

Waal River – The Netherlands
Tsunami, Jakarta, Indonesia
Elbe-Hamburg, Germany
The Sand Motor, The Netherlands
Urban flood – Rotterdam, The Netherlands (downloading OpenStreetMap data, …)
Urban flood – Rotterdam, The Netherlands (sun rise, realistic water)
Urban flood – Groningen, The Netherlands
Bay modelling – San Francisco, USA
Estuarine – Western Scheldt, The Netherlands
Urban flood – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

How to get my own 3D interactive model using Delft3D FM?

Interested in using this solution to boost your stakeholder participation meetings? You only need an up-and-running D-Flow Flexible Mesh model and a little support from us to download all data needed from internet, such as OpenStreetMap data and aerial images, and to build the 3D environment. For more info, please contact

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