Both currents and waves act as driving forces and a wide variety of transport formulae have been incorporated. For the suspended load this module connects to the 2D or 3D advection-diffusion solver of the D-Flow FM module; density effects may be taken into account.

An essential feature of this module is the dynamic feedback with the D-Flow FM and D-Waves modules, which allow the flows and waves to adjust themselves to the local bathymetry and allows for simulations on any time scale from days (storm impact) to centuries (system dynamics). It can keep track of the bed composition and thus build up a stratigraphic record.

The module includes extensive features to simulate dredging and dumping scenarios. For over 30 years, Deltares has been at the forefront in the development of this type of combined morphological simulation techniques.

Delft3D FM beta testing – research programme

The 1D and the 3D part of the D-Morphology module are available under our prerelease software licensing conditions and within our beta testing – research programme only. For our beta testing – research programme, please contact

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