Delft-FEWS: forecasting (in) the future

rotecting people means making the right decisions, at the right time, and with the right information. About droughts, floods, reservoirs and water quality for example. And in the world of water, doing your job means knowing what the future will bring. Delft-FEWS is the state-of-the-art Flood forecasting and Early Warning System that helps you look to the future.

Your organisation has its own specific numerical models, procedures and challenges. We recognise this complexity. You need the tools to tackle the enormous variety of complex situations that water management involves: crisis response or calculating river run-off, dike failures, wind patterns, while drawing on the latest advances in artificial intelligence, big data and numerical modelling for example.

These days, the future of forecasting is the community. Delft-FEWS is open software that provides the architecture you need, the modular framework to tackle your specific problems. By linking big data to your local area or by learning from others. And we dare to share: as a global leader, Deltares can provide you with the knowledge you need. The Delft-FEWS team organises courses, provides consultancy services, and welcomes you to our global community.

Delft-FEWS is uniquely flexible, compatible and modular. It works with an international community of flood forecasters worldwide that share with, and learn from, each other. And Delft-FEWS is backed up by the knowledge resources of Deltares. It helps you to build your cities, protect your people, forecast floods, manage your reservoirs, safeguard your water supplies and tackle drought.

Join us. Working with Delft-FEWS will open the door to new applications, a future in which you can work with us, and with the community, to enable delta life.
More information can be found on our community platform, public wiki page and this short video.