Flood forecasting system (Delft-FEWS)

The development of flood forecasting and warning systems is an essential element in regional and national strategies. Recent developments in numerical weather prediction, radar data and on-line meteorological and hydrological data collection have resulted in an increasing focus on data import and data processing. The challenges for developing a modern flood forecasting and warning system are found in the integration of large data sets, specialised modules to process the data, and open interfaces to allow easy integration of existing modelling capacities. In response to these challenges, Delft-FEWS provides a state of the art flood forecast and warning system.

Delft-FEWS is an open data handling platform initially developed as a flood forecasting and warning system. Essentially it is a sophisticated collection of modules designed for building a hydrological forecasting system customised to the specific requirements of an individual organisation.

More detailed info is available via our Delft-FEWS website: http://www.delft-fews.nl/.