iMOD is an easy to use Graphical User Interface + an accelerated Deltares-version of MODFLOW with fast, flexible and consistent sub-domain modelling techniques. iMOD facilitates very large, high resolution MODFLOW groundwater modelling and also geo-editing of the subsurface.

Key features of iMOD:iMOD-expandable data

  • One expandable data set covering all possible future areas of interest
  • Flow model nesting, toggling between grid resolutions and moving to new areas of interest
  • Efficient numerical modelling
  • Fast interactive 2D- and 3D-analysis and visualisation
  • Interactive editing the geometry of the subsurface
  • Consistency between regional and sub-domain models
  • Leaving the era of building series of individual models behind

Why iMOD?

For detailed info about “Why iMOD”, please click here, and/or visit the iMOD open source community website.