WANDA – Control

The Control module allows you to link a control system to a hydraulic system. This enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of different control philosophies on the hydraulic system and to optimize the control properties. The Control module can be combined with the Liquid, Heat and MST module.

Library components                                                                                                                         (special) features
  • Sensor and generators
    (logical or numerical output)
  • Conditional operators
    (IF-statements and switches)
  • Logic operators
    (AND, OR, exclusive OR, NOT)
  • Numeric operators
    (add, multiply, functions, etc.)
  • Continuous controllers
    (PID-controllers incl. start/stop)
    • Advanced pumping station controllers including parameters for ramp-up time, minimum speed, etc.
    • Control of all active components, such as valves, pumps, etc.
    • Varying of boundary conditions (pressure head or discharge)