D-Real Time Control

Real time control often saves money in the construction, alteration and management of the water system infrastructure. The D-Real Time Control module shows to what extent the existing infrastructure can be used in a better way. It allows you to simulate complex real-time control of all hydraulic structures in reservoirs and estuarine, river and canals systems. This module allows the system to react optimally to actual water levels, discharges and (forecasted) rainfall, by controlling gates, weirs, sluices and pumps. The D-Real Time Control module, using the feedback control part of the open source RTC-Tools engine, can be coupled for controlling of hydraulic structures with various triggering mechanisms, also for parallel models if needed.

Delft3D FM beta testing – research programme

The 1D and the 3D part of the D-Real Time Control module are available under our prerelease software licensing conditions and within our beta testing – research programme only. For our beta testing – research programme, please contact software@deltares.nl.