Nitrate App

A straightforward smartphone app for measuring nitrate levels: Deltares has designed the Nitrate App for smartphones so that everyone can measure nitrate levels and share the results. The app scans and analyzes nitrate strips, displays the results immediately and gives users the option to share the data. The shared results are displayed immediately in the online Delta Data Viewer. The viewer can put together specific combinations of background maps, measurement information and area properties for each user group.

For citizens, farmers and water quality managers
The Nitrate App makes it possible to analyze surface water and groundwater, to isolate nitrate sources and hot spots, and to test the impact of measures. The app is particularly welcomed by people working professionally with water quality such as farmers, water authorities and water companies. All you need is a reference map, nitrate test strips and a smartphone with the free Nitrate App installed. After taking a water sample with the test strip, you scan the result and, if desired, share it. If you have no Internet connection, the app will forward the measurement when you connect to Wi-Fi later.

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Winner of the Water Europe digital innovation award 2020

Nitraat app digital water award