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River basins are vital ecological systems that serve as essential conduits for water, nutrients, and sediment, supporting diverse ecosystems and human societies. However, with increasing anthropogenic activities and rapid urbanization, river basins have become a focal point for the accumulation and transport of various pollutants and contaminants, posing significant environmental challenges. Emissions of pollutants, both from point and non-point sources, contribute to the degradation of water quality and have far-reaching consequences on aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems. Understanding the sources and sinks of emissions within river basins and implementing effective management strategies is of paramount importance for sustainable water resource management and safeguarding ecological integrity.

Pollution management building on monitoring and modelling additionally faces the challenges of ever new substances replacing the investigated and regulated ones. Furthermore, once effective and efficient pollution mitigation measures are identified, they often cannot be implemented in the water sector itself but require cross-sectoral cooperation for their implementation (e.g. with agriculture, transportation or industry).

Call for abstracts

For having exchange of ideas regarding these issues, the Scientific Committee of RIVER BASINS 2024 invites you to present and discuss your recent experiences, developments and research activities, by submitting abstracts (max. 500 words) for oral or poster presentations. Please submit your abstract via email to riverbasins@iwg.kit.edu before 31th January 2024.

Our expert Jos van Gils is a member of the scientific committee.

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