About Anderson Peccin da Silva

Anderson Peccin da Silva is a geotechnical engineer working as a Consultant & Researcher mainly on offshore energy projects. He holds a PhD on macro-element modelling of anchoring systems for floating offshore renewables from the University of Bristol, UK (2021) and a Master on constitutive modelling of fibre-reinforced and cemented soils from UFRGS-Brazil (2016). Previous work includes teaching experience in higher education (Brazil and UK) and industry experience including work with dams, slope stability & earth-retaining structures and structural analysis of road pavements.

Dr Peccin da Silva is mainly working in Joint Industry Projects (JIP’s) involving alternative installation methods for monopiles and their effects on monopile capacity and stiffness. In addition, he has been involved in projects involving decommissioning of monopiles. Further to his work on monopiles, he has been working on several projects involving cyclic response of anchoring systems for floating wind structures such as drag embedment anchors and pile anchors, both on technical and project management roles. Throughout the projects in Deltares, he acquired experience in several modelling techniques such as physical (1g) scaled modelling, centrifuge modelling, field testing, 3D FE modelling and empirical/analytical model development.

Dr Peccin da Silva has co-authored several publications in international peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings, and his PhD work was awarded 2 prizes in offshore engineering conferences.


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