About Annemieke Marsman

Dr. Annemieke Marsman works as a senior geohydrologist on soil and groundwater quality. Modeling transport of groundwater contamination, multiphase flow and smart monitoring are her specialties. She was project manager for the projects on megasite approach on groundwater contamination in the harbor of Rotterdam, project manager on groundwater remediation for the foundation on remediation for Dutch railways and coordinator of the PIB (Partners for International Business) program soil in China.

Furthermore, she worked on risk analysis on subsurface storage within several projects (gasoil storage in salt caverns, injection of wastewater in gas reservoirs, abandonment of gas fields in Alberta) as a multiphase flow expert.

At the moment she focuses on the energy transition and the consequences of abandoning gas fields and using empty gas fields and salt caverns for storage.

Working experience

  1. Deltares

    Senior advisor/researcher Groundwater quality

    2007 - present
  2. TNO

    Senior advisor/researcher Groundwater quality

    2003 - 2007

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