About Annemieke Nijhof

Annemieke Nijhof has been working on different aspects of the sustainable living environment for almost 30 years. She has working experience in both business and government. Furthermore, she is supervisor and advisor to knowledge institutes, the government, NGOs and the financial sector. She was top woman of the year 2015 because of her tenacious dedication to diversity and inclusivity in organisations.

As of 1 October 2020, Annemieke is Managing Director of Deltares.

After her study (Chemical Engineering) at the University of Twente she started out as engineer in Innovative Soil Remediation at Tauw bv. Then she became head of Water and Spatial Planning. In that same period, she finished an MBA at the TSM Business School. Next, she joined the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science as Coordinator Technical Sciences, to subsequently transfer to the Ministry of Public Health, Spatial Planning and Environment. First in the position of Head of the department Foresight and Policy Evaluation, later as Vice Director External Safety at the same Ministry. In 2005 she became Principal Advisor to Prime Minister Balkenende at the Ministry of General Affairs. Three years later she was appointed Director-General Water at the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. In 2012 she became CEO of Tauw Group bv, responsible for all (inter)national business units of Tauw Group. From 2019 till 2020 Annemieke was figurehead of Topsector Water and Maritime and Chair of the Board of the Netherlands Water Partnership. She is also co-director of Springtij Foundation.

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