About Antonios Emmanouil

Antonios Emmanouil enjoys working together with others for a positive impact on society and the environment. He is committed to jointly tackling climate change and biodiversity loss. He is intrigued by the challenge of finding a balance between developing offshore renewables, restoring the ecosystem while accounting for the diverse interests and activities of various users at the sea. As a result, he focuses on the nature-inclusive and symbiotic design of offshore developments.

In 2014, Antonios graduated as a Civil Engineer from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in Greece and then moved to the Netherlands where he received a Master’s degree in Hydraulic Engineering from TU Delft in 2017.

"In the projects I do, industry, innovators, research institutes and government work together to overcome challenges and explore opportunities. This is a great field of collaboration where independent knowledge development can have a direct impact. At Deltares, I have the space to use my engineering background at the intersection of energy transition, nature-inclusive design, and marine spatial planning. I particularly enjoy teaming up with colleagues of different expertise, such as ecology and governance. I believe that a multi-disciplinary approach is key in addressing the complex issues we face with Energy Transition and Biodiversity, in a systematic and inclusive way.”

Working as a researcher and consultant, Antonios has gained experience in physical and numerical modeling of infrastructure within the offshore environment as well as project management. Antonios recently coordinated Road2SID, a Joint-Industry Project that explored various stakeholder perspectives and led to a roadmap of actions for advancing symbiosis in offshore wind farms. He is always looking for opportunities to initiate Joint Industry Projects that research innovations to promote sustainability in offshore developments.

Some notable projects

  • JIP Handbook Scour Protection Methods
  • JIP Roadmap for Symbiosis-Inclusive Design of Offshore Wind
  • JIP Tri-Suction Pile Caisson offshore wind foundation concept development
  • JIP Eco Friend; European flat oyster restoration in offshore wind farms
  • Wind op Zee Ecological Programme

Some notable publications

- Handbook Scour Protection methods

Final report Joint-Industry - Project Handbook Scour Protection Methods (JIP HaSPro) (topsectorenergie.nl)


  • Scale model testing of eco-friendly scour protections for offshore foundations and cables

ICSE10 (issmge.org)

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